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Patterns I,II,III is a public intervention on Istiklal street in Istanbul.

The patterns are formed in the middle of a busy street intervening with the common stream of people.
The situation is recorded from the top to give a sense of distance and observing.
Though only one shape is staged, numerous shapes can be discovered during the time the intervention
takes place. Raising questions on what is directed and what not.

Because of the casual behaviour of the ‘performers’ and the distance on the ground, it is not visible
for the other people who pass by. I chose for this option to not make it into a performance that would
interfere with the ‘natural’ behaviour of passersby.

The registration of the intervention show many interesting social phenomena like personal distances and breaking patterns.

Intervention in public space, video, stills

This work can now be viewed in Fontrodona Artspace during the ‘Unwritten’ exhibition.

pattern2 pattern3


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