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Rietveld End Exam exhibition:

Interested by group dynamics I created two works that uses conditional designs to interfere with the participant’s behaviour.

‘Homeostasis’ explores the proxemics of actors through a (by themselves) generated soundscape. By changing distance towards the other, different situations occur.

DSC_0090 IMG_0358 IMG_0359 P1020192

‘Weg’ explores the subconscious acceptance of being directed with a pre-designed projection acting as guidance.

The works both have an experimental setting to act as a microenvironment, leaving the artist as an observer. By creating these environments Esther researches what conditions are needed to enable the actions of the people perceiving the artwork, without them being suffocating to the process. With this she explores the borders of control in which the work is being created through the event. The role of the participants is essential to both works, as participants are engaged to take on an active role and become actors.


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